This blogpost is in honour of my very good friend and brother, who turns out to be my birthday mate. This post is a story of how we met and have maintained our relationship over the years.


When I got into OAU, I wanted to remain a very serious Christian as I have been from my secondary school. So, I joined the UJCM prayer subgroup where we would pray everyday during exams. It was in the prayer meeting I first saw Bro John. The Prayer Subgroup leader would on many occasions, invite him to lead us in prayers. What stood out for me was his different style of leading prayers. He would lead us in Pauline prayers, and ask us to minister edification to others around us. I took note of him and registered him in my heart as a “Man of God”.


Some things about the prayer meeting changed after that time that did not allow him to continue to lead us but on a few occasions afterwards, I would meet him on the road and the hostel and say hi. I am not very outgoing about meeting new people and troubling men of God.


In this short period, the conclusions I had made about him was that He understood what he was doing. No one that was guessing or unsure could have led us in prayers the way he used to. His assurance, confidence and conviction about the things of God was glaring from the way he ministered. He was also a man of experience. As someone who has had a little experience of the christian life, faith and discipline myself from my secondary school, I was able to readily recognise it in others.


Some years later, we became the presidents of our respective fellowships and for someone I already looked out before then, I naturally gravitated towards him.


We have prayed together, eaten together, slept in the same places, attended meetings together, preached together, settled quarrels together. We’ve seen good times and hard times together.

Pastor John is patient. He prayed and prayed and prayed and waited several years for me to come into certain understanding and persuasion of God’s word. It took some years but he stayed faithful to our relationship and continued to pray and things turned out well eventually. These series of events affected me positively. It is possible to have people in prayers for years over certain matters and stay committed in prayers till result comes.


Pastor John is committed to supernatural relationships. He speaks highly of it, walks in honour towards it and never gives up on it.


Pastor John is dogged.

Pastor John is wise.

Pastor John is resourceful.

Pastor John is hardworking.

Pastor John is considerate.

Pastor John, my Pastor John, passionate, focused, consistent and goal-oriented.


Pastor John is a man of prayer. I remember when we wanted to hold a 24hrs prayer meeting for the first time, he was the only one I could put in charge at that time. He led us well at that time and that meeting was a great blessing for a lot of people. That was my first 24hrs prayer meeting. This is apart from several prayer meetings and retreats that we have attended and organized together.


He is a man of the word. He is given to learning and imparting the knowledge of God’s word. Such a blessed man living a blessed life.


I know you are going to read this ore mi, I love you so much, and I look forward to many years spent together making the most of our lives. All the loose ends will be tied this year, in the remaining weeks that is left.

You are God’s man. You are my man, a good man true and true. Happy birthday sir.

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