My Client

Waist Beads by Nora is a unique brand that specialises in making custom and quality waist beads. Waist beads by Nora strive to offer their customers beautiful hand made waist beads as well as anklets, bracelets and the likes.

The Challenge

In clear terms, my client needed a brand identity that was going to reflect class and style. How do you design an identity for a waist bead company to reflect class and style? This was the problem that needed to be solved.

The Solution

Unlike other brand identity designs with a lot of businesses in the industry from which one can take cue, the waist bead industry is a relatively new and growing industry. As a result, the major part of the design process was dedicated to research, a lot of it. After a lot of research, design and some iteration, the brand identity that reflected the company’s core values was achieved. I knew I had to do a good job on the identity design. I knew it might set the pace for how other businesses of the same nature would design theirs in the days to come.

The bold “BALOO” font was used, specifically to create a very strong and unforgettable impression on clients.

Another phenomenal part of the design is the flame-like “O” that typified the meaning of Nora which actually means light or a flame.

The color primary colour palette was also strategically chosen to stirr up excitement, energy and hapiness.

The multicolour “flame” design depicts variety and diversity. The brand offers waist beads in all sizes colours and designs.

I played a full role in the identity design, from the discovery, to research, sketching and conceptualization, revision, delivery and support.

The brand logo is designed to stand on the global plane. It exudes creativity, class and style.