My Client

Abeni Cocktail and Chops is a catering, pasteries and an event management company. They specialize in indoor and outdoor catering services for many kind of food items which include small chops, cocktails, cakes, and elaborate food preparation for events like weddings and anniversaries.

The Challenge

The business had outgrown the current brand identity. That brand identity was not attracting high profile clients and my client needed a redesign. They wanted to maintain the Yoruba name of the business, but also wanted a brand identity that was classy and international.

The Solution

I presented Abeni cocktail and Chop's new brand identity to represent their need of reaching and retaining high profile clients. At first sight, the logo communicates high class and also retains the traditional feel, with the Yoruba name written boldy so it's unmistakable.

A lot of work went into this process.  I began with a research into the top brands in this industry in Nigeria and the unique features that made them stand out. I also looked at some international brands in this industry.

After my research,  I was able to determine what to retain in the current brand identity, so that the existing customers could still have a feel of the brand. I did this without sidelining the goal of hitting and retaining high profile clients.

I retained the color of the previous identity and the circle shape.

The deliverables include Brand identity and positioning, Research and brand strategy, Visual identity and Brand guidelines.