Logo design is such a big task. It is not a joke to be given a name or a concept, with the duty to craft some sort of design that will capture the entirety of the name or concept and communicate the same to viewers in one glance. Thus, all logo designers out there are superheroes! You read that right! In fact, if you know any logo designer out there, you should thank them for keeping the world in balance ????. In the spirit of appreciating logo designers, I am writing this post to share some websites that have helped me in handling my logo design projects

If you are looking out for a list of websites on which you can make logos, then this post is not for you. This post is for those who take on the process of logo design from conceptualisation until final delivery. 

Are you ready? Let’s go! 



In my opinion, Behance is the home of the most professional logo designs, and of course, my claim is arguable. Behance is Adobe’s social media platform where creators showcase their designs and creative works.

Behance is mostly to showcase full fledged projects or a collection of similar projects, as each post on Behance is expected to contain some number of pages. Posts with only a single page view hardly get engagements. Searching for keywords like Logo, Logofolio, Branding, Brand Design will definitely bring you carefully designed contents that can inspire you in your next logo design.




This is another good place to consider when looking out for inspiration in your logo design project. On Dribbble, there is a tab for branding works, where you get access to well designed and branded logos even before using the search feature.




I love Pinterest for one thing- A highly customizable and detailed search capability. On Pinterest, you can make a search as detailed as “TR logo Design” and get very reasonable results. 




This tool displays any input text, using all the fonts installed on your computer. What this means is that at a glance, you can see what a logo will look like in all the fonts on your computer and quickly determine which is the best option. 




The AI colour wheel, Logo Crunch, Font Generator and the Logo Rank are all part of the brandmark.io logo design tools. The most fascinating for me is the Logo Rank. According to brandmark.io, the Logo Rank is “ is an AI system that understands logo design.

It’s trained on a million+ logo images to give you tips and ideas. It can also be used to see if your designer took inspiration from stock icons”. The Logo Rank compares your logo  with  the 1 million+ logos in their database, and based on that gives a score for  the uniqueness of your logo. This is particularly useful if you are working with a client who wants a highly unique logo. Together with this, it also gives a rank for the legibility, color contrast and an overall rank for your logo.





Do you want to know how your logo will perform, using real design and real life metrics? Logo Lab is your best bet. With Logo Lab, you can determine if your logo has visual balance, see if your logo works in black and white, and also as greyscale.

Other metrics include how your logo appears to those who are color blind, how your logo performs with scaling, containers, how it looks when pixelated or blurred, and finally, how it looks among other logos.


Let me know when you try these in your subsequent projects! I’ll be more than glad to take a look! Don’t also forget to check my portfolio and see some of the projects where I’ve used these tools.


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