There are certains tips I have found to be useful in my use of Windows OS. They have become so much a part of me to the point where I assume everyone also knows and uses them. I have found this to be a wrong assumption, and in this blog post, I will be highlighting the few I remember. I will name the tip, discuss its use case, and then explain the tip itself. I hope you find it useful. I must also point out that these tips I’m about to share are tips I use on Windows 10 and thus, I cannot determine their availability on any other version of the operating system.

Shutdown from command-line:  Have you discovered lately that when you shutdown or restart your Windows, it automatically opens the programs you were using before shutting down or restarting? Well, I can’t say particularly why this happens, but if you find this frustrating and unwanted, I know just the right solution for you. To solve this problem, never use the traditional way of shutting down your Windows, rather, always shutdown from the command-line interface. When you shutdown or restart from the command-line interface, your machine boots up without running the previously used app.

To shutdown using the command-line interface, open the command-line by searching for it from the start menu, or just press “win+r” and type “cmd” in the input field and press enter.

To shutdown or restart in the command-line interface, type the following.

To shutdown: shutdown -s -t 0

To restart: shutdown -r -t 0

The “-t 0” is optional in this process. What it does is that it makes the shutdown instant, that is, it sets shutdown or restart delay time to zero.

Screenshot: From time to time, we all always have that need to screenshot our screens. I find myself needing this the most when I need to send a preview of a design when I do want to export yet. Whatever you need it for, which will definitely vary from one person to another, there is just the perfect solution for you! Long before now, we used to make use of the snipping tool, but now, there’s a really simple shortcut that can get the job done. From any screen just press “win+shift+s” and you will see the magic begin!

Clipboard: Windows made a cool feature available to their clipboard, and in this regard, it’s not wrong to say that Windows went a step ahead of the macOS. Traditionally, the clipboard stores a recently copied text or image, and makes it available via paste (CTRL+V), wherever it is needed. Windows, however, took the function a step further by adding history to the clipboard. What this means is, you can now access a history of things you’ve copied and make use of them, unlike previous times when only what was available was the most recently copied text or image. It’s even much better because item in the clipboard history can be pinned. This is helpful if you have copied items that you use from time to time. The clipboard history can be accessed by using the shortcut “Win+V

Emojis: Accessing emojis on Windows is now a simple thing. You don’t have to search Google to copy and paste emojis for use, neither do you have to go through the menu bar of every text editing app and open the special character menu before you have access to emojis. With the simple shortcut “win+.” (windows + period), you can now have access to all windows emojis.

These are the four tips I can remember now. I will update the post later in the future when I remember some more. If you also have useful tips, please share them in the comment section. If they are noteworthy, I will add them to the post when I update. 

Hope you enjoyed reading! Cheers!

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