Some weeks back, my friend Faith Olusola taught me an awesome trick to remove background from pictures using and Photoshop.

From time to time in design, there is always a need for images without background that can be utilized for several purposes and several types of design. Plain transparent portraits of people with background removed have varied use from one designer to another.

Right from time, I usually remove the background from images with the Photoshop quick selection tool. Some other people use the magic wand tool and Pro designers use the pen tool(????????). What I’ve found from experience is that the quick selection tool, although relatively fast to use, depending on the image, many times does not give accurate results. The pen tool on the other hand that seems to give much more freedom than the quick selection tool, takes a lot of time, depending on the experience level of the user. At the end of the day, trying to remove background from pictures using Photoshop only always seems to be a tradeoff between speed and accuracy. comes in handy as a better alternative to Photoshop for removing background. is an AI powered premium background remover for pictures. It is a powerful tool for removing background from pictures that gives a very clean background free picture. Removing background from your pictures using their platform is as simple as just uploading your pictures. They offer to freely remove background from your image file by sending you a low quality processed image. Their premium service, which has many categories, removes background from your images and gives you a high quality result.

If you are working on designs with demand for  high quality, for example, design for print, you will most likely want to get the highest size possible for all your images, and that’s the reasoning behind why gives you a low quality for using their free service.

My friend Faith, taught me how I can use a combination of and Photoshop to generate clean and high quality background free pictures.

NOW to the trick. The photo used for this demonstration is by João Paulo de Souza Oliveira on Unsplash.

  1. Generate your background using Ideally, you should get your image with the background removed in low quality.

2. Download the image from and head over to Photoshop. In Photoshop, open the original image.

3. Take your image and place it over the original image in Photoshop. Expand until they are the same width and height.

4. Place the image under the original image from the layer window.

After this, create a clipping mask with the original image, and you will see your background disappear. 

5. Finally, select both layers and merge together, and you have you high quality, not pixelated, clean looking image with no background.

This is how we do it in 2020. Cheers!


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